Right nephrectomy/ adrenalectomy with right hepatectomy

In situ cold perfusion and vena cava reconstruction with PTFE graft

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  • Case Description

    • A 45 year old woman was found with adrenocortical cancer superior to the right kidney.
    • CT scans showed cancer encroached upon retrohepatic vena cava, reaching the middle and left hepatic vein confluence.
    • Surgical planning suggested splitting the liver from the M/RHV groove to the gallbladder fossa, leaving the caudate lobe attached to the vena cava.
    • The right lobe would then be removed, with the caudate lobe and the section of vena cava it is attached to, along with the right kidney and cancer specimen.
    • The vena cava would then be reconstructed with a ringed PTFE graft while the remnant liver is under in situ cold perfusion.