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We have created this online interactive module to assist with teaching and learning the assessment of cardiac function with transthoracic echocardiography. Users can view the TTE recordings for each of the 20 standard views used in a full cardiology exam and see the corresponding 3D model of the probe, ultrasound plane, heart and rib cage for that view.


Each TTE view can be selected from a drop-down menu in the upper left of the screen, or go to the next or previous view in the list using arrow buttons. For each TTE view, the 3D model of the probe, ultrasound plane, heart and rib cage can be rotated in the horizontal or vertical plane to view it from any angle.

The rib cage can be removed, the part of the heart above the echo plane can be removed, and the heart model can be oriented so the structures correspond to the TTE image.


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The development and testing of this module was supported by a grant from the Academic Health Science Centres (AHSC) Academic Funding Plan (AFP) Innovation Fund.